Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tyler Green is a dick. more later

Editor’s Statement on Art Critic Christian Viveros-Fauné
by Tony Ortega

Since the departure of Jerry Saltz last March, the Voice has been assigning art reviews to several critics, all of whom work for us on a part-time, freelance basis. Each of them makes a living outside the Voice, and we discuss with them the nature of their non-Voice activities to ensure that they don’t conflict with their reviewing duties. One of our reviewers is former art gallery owner Christian Viveros-Fauné. It has been brought to our attention that Christian has been named managing director of two upcoming commercial art fairs, one in New York (Volta) and one in Chicago (Next). Christian assures us that the consulting work he is doing for those fairs does not conflict with anything he has written for us or would write in the future, and he has demonstrated to us that besides being an excellent and highly readable critic, he’s also a man of integrity. But we’re concerned that his work outside the Voice at least creates an appearance of conflict. While Christian says that the art at the New York galleries he critiques is in a separate sphere from the type of art that would appear in the fairs, we don’t want to put a reviewer in a situation that calls for an ethical juggling act. Since Christian has made it clear that he will continue to fill out the terms of his art-fair contract, we wish him great success, thank him for the excellent work he has done, and feel disappointment that he will cease writing for

Saturday, January 19, 2008

new work

Roebling Hall Thurs nite

I knew Joel and Christian from the early Wburg days. It's a little awkward with all of them, we've all grown apart

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feedback..Navigation Metaphor

Thanx to those who replied. Your input was very helpful. To those who didn't because you thought you had nothing "positive" to say, I want to get across to you the operative word here is "authentic". If you are trying to navigate to a certain destination you want to know that your instruments are telling you the "truth" about your location, not telling you what a good "sailor" you are all the time.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Chelsea Thurs nite w/ JOE EISNER

Joe Eisner's head

Joe Eisner (below) :)

Joe Eisner (Eisnerdesign.com) Joe and I have known each other since Fifth Grade. We used to draw comics together, he took a break from the wife and kids to hang out in some galleries.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Everybody Hates Chris

It's funny to watch people. I am a person who's pretty up front. I can't understand people's phoniness sometime. If you have an issue or problem with someone why not just come out and say something about it? I don't talk about people behind their backs in the colloquial sense. I go to bed with a clean conscience and bear no grudges because I say what's there to be said. I look at some of the people that be frontin' me sometimes and just wonder...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008