Sunday, January 11, 2009

Consecration, Production of Belief as possibility

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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Search for a Method

Class is an indicator of class and boundary..I was born amidst the black peasant classes of the USA..I got a scholarship to attend an upper middle class jewish private I am a confused adult with no comfortable footing of his own..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dialectic of Ideology and Technology

I was and am interested in ideology, theory and "philosophy" , I think though my attitude has changed quite abit and I "situate" discourses more in terms of sociology and materialist political science.

Man, individual men and women, are always situated, I used to by some floppy eared used copy of Karl Marx, Freud or Nietzsche and then go out and try to preach to people, ultimately retiring to my ratty apartment in LIC...

Bourdieu and the concept of Social Capital

Many of my Dalton friends have the admirable benefit of an "intact" social circle. In other words -they are in conformity with the Upper Middle class social norm..their daily social role is consistent with their family, friends , work life, etc..their "habitus and habits" are more or less stable.
Mine is not. My family background is RADICALLY different than my habitus..they have NO idea of the NYC Contemporary artworld..don't listen to Joni Mitchell etc.. Likewise my DALTON friends don't know about the urban or rural black experience either.
However a person has gotta make a stand..that's my dilemma. I will be 47 years old 01/26/2009..I am not married, live with a roommate like two overgrown college grad students in an alcoholic, pop music permeated haze, frankly it's's time to grow up and cash in some social capital.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Positions Paper

I always had trouble determining a "major" in High School and College. I dropped out of RISD, still owing a paper on "Art and Human Values"..the late 80's thru Mid-90's was a flowering in my capacity for and appreciation of "critical discourse"..I consumed everything from Hubert Dreyfus, Ortega y Gassett, Sartre, WF Buckley Jr, C Wright Mills, Guy DeBord, Frantz Fanon, Eldridge Cleaver, Marx and so on.

I never saw myself in the camp of the Kara Walkers, Glennn Ligons, Bettye Saars, Bell Hooks, Dread Scotts..those "aint it awful" types cataloguing the victimization of African Americans..I love their work but I thought they had basically said it best and there was nothing I could add of any substance..

Basquiat and Kehinde Wiley's affirmation of black pop youth culture was also not my arena.

Martin Puryear and Leonardo Drew seem more interesting to me.

Wrap up

The end is the beginning. Facebook I have 445 friends, Dalton, RISD, Chelsea, Wburg and the artworld in general. My first art event since being back in NYC was poorly attended, not the least reason of which being the level of quality of the work. As stated before the substance of the social relation that MY work is will be the focus of this do you connect Dalton, Crestview FLA, Harlem and my "essential" self in a comprehensive ouerve? The 64K$ question.