Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last few days

went to wmsburg walks, chalked up the sidewalk, drank beer and played my boombox tape mixes. great street party. went to the morgan library to see the Guston show with my boss. saw old high school bud Mike Veal for a beer in Wmsburg. went out to LIC Bar for a Bob Dylan tribute, it sucked.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

State of the Nation


got totally into it this week. A friend ,Alexandra Berger Weider, turned me on to it a few months ago and I'm just now starting to use it. I've contacted about 38 people in 4 days. it's great!! a good chance to look at yourself objectively in a ( more like several) network (s) of people.

Velocity Seminar email

All! In our session on Wednesday, we moved beyond our old clearing for results and created a new clearing - a clearing for breakthrough results. Thank you for your powerful participation and generous listening. There will be two !Recreation Calls! to review the distinctions of the session. If you missed the session, please be on one of these calls and get great value! This is a critical session. Friday, July 18 at 6 PM - TODAYSaturday, July 19 at 2 PM - TOMORROW The number for both calls is:(218) 862-6100Access Code: VVVV# (8888#) If you were at the seminar, you can be on a call if you wish to review the session.
You may also be on both calls if you like.
(NOTE the phone number for the calls is a long distance number.)
One of the key distinctions of the session is:
"A clearing for" is a space that pulls for something. "A clearing for" lives in your listening.
You can tell what clearing you are by looking at what you have. The clearing you currently are is pulling for survival, "in order to," and what you know from the past. What you already know gives you what you already have. What you already know won't give you breakthrough results.
Once you own and take responsibility for your clearing, you can create a new clearing.
"Being a clearing for" breakthrough results you are listening for, pulling for breakthrough results.
Our next session, we will design your project from a new possibility. You will create a project that requires a new "you"! You don't want to miss Session 3. I did not put the dates, times and call in number on the board at the end of the session as I said I would. If there are consequences for you, please tell me so I can be responsible for them. I will keep my promises to you in the future. Love,Linda(917) 650-9262

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jeffrey Dietch

Went out Sat nite to his new space in LIC. Made a joke with him that I was the Mayor of LIC and approved of his operation. Went out Sunday, saw a Dalton friend in Jackson Heights and played Tennis with my friend Al in McCarren Park. Saw the painter Matthew Abbot playing Williamsburg bar league softball for Pete's Candy Store. Popped into the Pits Stop Bar on Mc Guinness Boulevard, picked up some Taco Bell and biked home.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

greenpoint nightlife

Went out with roommate and music collaborator Mike Sandlin. We did a couple of bars along Franklin Ave. It's cliche to talk about how boring things are in NYC now but it's true. freaks, no joy of motion, no adventure of license..uggh.

Williamsburg walks

Blogging the "Velocity Seminar"

in 1983 I met this minor actress Maggie Rush. I think her biggest credit is a brief appearance in Spike Lee's "Girl 6". She and I got it on in Prov RI, when I was in the process of dropping out of RISD. She was REALLY hot. We had sex in Brian Washburn's house with Brian in there asleep. She was an "esthole". I was into Freud, Reich, know the college "searching" thing. I liked "est". I became a zealot. Erhard was a searcher too. You could sense that. But he had a savant's ability with the essence of Scientology, existentialism, Allan Watts, Transactional analysis, the whole Marin County "self help" smorgasbord. more later...
...So I was deep into est from the mid-80's to the mid 90's. Of course, I had to deal with the negative press that the organization engendered. I did my own research and learned alot first hand about Erhard, et al. All in all, the est years were very good "processing" in terms of heightening my emotional tone, the transition years to the "forum" were intellectually stimulating. The enterprise is a scam in many ways though.

Anyway..I am in one of their seminars now called "Velocity". Don't worry, I know what I am doing and getting into. The seminar started 07/09. It takes place Wednesday nites and we just had session two last wed. I will be reporting on the events of my life thru the course of it's end on 10/15

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

performance goals

1. 2 framed pieces by mid Sept
2. Create new group dynamic in process of establishing current studio and it's practices
3. a country western post-modernist performance playing open mics in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn

Daydream Believer

There are two ways to fall into idealism: The one consists of dissolving the real in subjectivity; the other in denying all real subjectivity in the interests of objectivity. The truth is that subjectivity is neither everything nor nothing; it represents a moment in the objective process (that in which externality is internalised), and this moment is perpetually eliminated only to be perpetually reborn. Now, each of these ephemeral moments- which rise up in the course of human history and which are never either the first or the last-is lived as a point of departure by the subject of history. “Class-consciousness” is not the simple lived contradiction which objectively characterises the class considered, it is that contradiction already surpassed by praxis and thereby preserved and denied all at once. But it is precisely this revealing negativity, this distance within immediate proximity, which simultaneously constitutes what existentialism calls “consciousness of the object” and “non-thetic self-consciousness.”

critique of practical reason

l'question de le methode- The Hamptons, me and the question of practical reason pt one

Those intellectuals who come after the great flowering and who undertake to set the systems in order to use the new methods to conquer territory not yet fully explored, those who provide practical applications for the theory and employ it as a tool to destroy and to construct – they should not be called philosophers. They cultivate the domain, they take an inventory, they erect certain structures there, they may even bring about certain internal changes; but they still get their nourishment from the living thought of the great dead. They are borne along by the crowd on the march, and it is the crowd which constitutes their cultural milieu and their future, which determines the field of their investigations, and even of their “creation.” These relative men I propose to call “ideologists.” And since I am to speak of existentialism, let it be understood that I take it to be an “ideology.” It is a parasitical system living on the margin of Knowledge, which at first it opposed but into which today it seeks to be integrated. If we are to understand its present ambitions and its function we must go back to the time of Kierkegaard.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

operation case clearance

My readings of Kierkegaard and Sartre have engendered an interest in the question of human freedom and action. Their distinction being-in itself ( the inert practical world of objects and conditions) and being-for itself ( the consciousness of the world of things that haunts solidity and reality) surpassing of the given arrangement of my world in my flight toward possibilities and outcomes sustained by my choosing and self will. What will become of me..? How will I behave..What shall I do..? The existence of Others and their concrete emotions toward me..hate, love, indifference...Chris Lee in NYC, a studio in LIC, a day job at a travel agy, alcohol, socializing, looking for a new woman, the NYC art world.
The quest for a NEW group dynamic. The old friends have fallen away, and or don't apply in the new paradigm design. The mood of "authenticity" impatience with withholding covert behaviour...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008