Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Brief Summary..the Studio

The year started out with me being laid off from my crummy job at the Visa and Passport agy..this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as my unemployment benefits and savings would see me thru to Sept. I was basically allowed to be in the Studio 24/7..this meant I was free to "make of things as I might". Time mgmt was an issue. I spent a great deal of time partying, drinking and being on FB but I did make some major moves. For beginners, I executed some large ptgs, deciding to get around the problem of buying stretchers by stretching pieces in the "Basquiat cock-eyed" style using the quotatians of early Imperial European art. This happened around late April and Early May. Thru the Summer I was working on these and some prepared found wood panels. As the Fall approached, things started moving out of the studio with Guillermo Creus' DIY show and being chosen for "Found on FB" show this Feb..also Susan Eley offered me a spot in Summer group show. So things are moving in the right direction at an understandable pace. Had several studio visits. Re-connected with people in the Hamptons and took trip up to RISD, got back in touch with old classmates. Also had 3 stellar love affairs. Not too shabby.