Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's Begin

Facebook IS what I wanted the blog experiment to be but now I am back to the blog to use IT like I want. I started this blog AS-IF it would be a way of reaching out to my friends and larger community..facebook has achieved THAT goal..but the "web-log"..let's begin with where we ARE..I started this blog..Dada-to Prada..back in I think..2005 or 6..not sure..I was in DC..the big goal was to make it back to NYC..which I kinda though t was near impossible..I found a job with a corporate travel company..moved to Bushwick then LIC and I'm laid off and confronted with what I want...24 hours of studio time and sufficient unemployment checks..but OK..the next level..many of my friends are very supportive but AS-IS..I am a nobody in the REAL field of cultural production..the project is to confront the situation and change it. I am an autodidact..dropped out of RISD..drifted thru the artscene in the 80's, 90's and 00' I am approaching middle age ready to take a stand..what is ART for Christopher fellow black artists..Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley, Leonardo Drew, Chris Offili, Renee Cox, Gary Simmons..took responsibility for their identities where I spent my young adult years lost in a "pink-wash" fantasy..the Hamptons, Wildwood, Reston..etc..what positiion will I assume..I am an amateur living in LIC with a roommate..I dabble, delay, avoid and fiddle..what am I REALLY here for? What will my real impact be? I just mounted a group show in an off the Radar LIC stop is more gallery trolling "The Drawing Center" and Chelsea..what I need is to start some serious pieces right away.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Amateur to Overture

I have a show coming up that I curated called "Zeitgeist 2009" it's a modest exhibition in LIC. It won't make history or put me on the map. It's from the viewpoint of the REAL players " a salon of the refused"..but it's where I am at and a needed gesture in the progress of events. I do think it will be very well attended and boost the gallery's status.

I am thinking of where to go next. I am toying with a big political statement.. The grand idea or just the exploration of abstract's all up there on the canvas..