Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heidegger and Optimal Grip

1. Perceiver strategies and intervention action on behalf of Dasein "thirst, hunger, desire" schemata..I wanna be rich, wanna have sex and sex and sex with this one, that one, those one..wanna live there not here..." I want I want I want..sitting around doing nothing because the opportunity presented does not provide the adequate pathway to "happiness" sequence..inauthenticity..refusal to accurately disclose being..suppressed anxiety..dissolution into the "theyself"..disguise..alienation..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Subjectivity, Subject Matter, The Matter of Subjects

So my problem right now and has always been the issue of subject matter, what I could really get into and get behind. I was taken from the streets of Harlem and delivered to a proper "English" Education with Dalton and so was denied the street authenticity of a Basquiat and the earnest strivings of Kara Walker, Leonardo Drew etc..my mind and soul were "fucked" by the whitewash of pre-Spike and Public Enemy "black po-mo" culture..What to do?..why not PAINT THE WHITEWASH ITSELF? Equestrian paintings, Brooks Brother's ads..Ralph Lauren..try it.

Optimal Grip


1. Music project with Ken Butler- Object: put together a set list of say 12 songs and gig within the area.

2. Gregory de la Haba- Object: collaborate with a fellow artist interested in cultural theory

3. Lisa Levy/ Paul Overacker- Object: documentation of existing artworld scene.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Embodiment- Merleau Ponty, Heidegger ..money

Living in LIC..sitting at my computer typing this..dicking around on FB. Hiding and disclosing as my facade permits. Behind the scenes within the arena..ready to hand, present at hand..the receding and ever accumulating facticity..the problem of optimal grip..Bridgehampton..identity politics in art and a problematic unsure identity..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Optimal Grip- P Diddy

P Diddy has a home in the E Hampton and is the darling of the Summer Set..he's not a Heideggerian scholar..doesn't think about what he does in the language of academic philosophy. He doesn't "just do it " tho' ..there is method and contingency.


of Da-sein's directionality..hunger and desire transmuted from primitive need gratification to the elaborated technological modern economy from jungle abjection to rarefied discourse and gormande indulgences.

Being There

Being there in the situation. The perception of right brain present at hands political economy..goods and services..homes, clothes, cars, beer, sandwiches...contributor strategies intervening in the environment..molding the shape and direction of social transactions..good business resulting in maximization of utility and pleasure..Beverly Hills, East Hamptons, Monaco, success, success..love, money, attention, words and plastic effects..

Monday, August 3, 2009

attn new guests

scroll down to see art..more to come