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one thing I know about the contemporary artscene is that I HATE the skateboard, comic book crap you see in Bushwick start up galleries and elsewhere. It's a phenomenon of straight from sub-urban high school to artschool. From my composition notebook to the "DIY gallery" walls. I hate ALL of that crap.

My Life

Went out to Chelsea openings and Wmsburg openings, saw a slice of the artworld. Ran in to a friend of mine a very talented painter with her daughter. Felt like an outsider, nothing going on myself, no after parties. Watching "Talented Mr Ripley.." What is arts and leisure these days in the \NYC artworld? I was never very disciplined as an artist and I have reaped what I have "not" sewn. That's the narrative now. "What shall I do? But what shall I do?" Classicism of the European arts and the Romanticism of negritude and NYC's "beat" history. So many kids and black kids especially fall for the Basquiat myth. Basquiat is the ultimate symbol of the art "easy" button, I LOVE his work but regrettably it has spawned a horde of failed "wannabes". What would be the dramatic possibilities of a black artist negotiating the tensions between the classical ideal and the romantic spontaneousness of negritude?

arts and leisure