Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007


bought an "airport card" now I have access at home to the web. Hope to be posting more content. Started watching this PBS show by Ken Burns. Wonder if it will make any difference culturally.

Chris Offili 09/20 David Zwirner

Went to Chris' opening. Cecily Brown was there, John and Rachel Currin, etc. Then ran into Christian Faune at the Grand Opening of some gallery I forget the name. Christian got me into the private party. Lot's of swells. Decided that night, the big sin in the artworld today is to be boring. I am kind of boring I guess.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RIP Edgar Hubert Lee 1941-2007

My (biological) Father died this month. As of this writing I don't know exactly when. I never really knew the guy. My Mother told me this weekend.I have a handfull of memories of him and all of them unpleasant. He was a married man with two kids that I have never met. I was a love child product of his and my mother's affair. Black women in her era didn't think of some fine young gentleman with prospects to court them properly. You met somebody hooked up and if you got pregnant, then you just raised the kid with or without marriage. That's true today of course. I have met so many "normal" white kids I just can't understand why young blacks continue that cycle.
Lot's of people have called me a "bastard" behind my back, few have done so to my face and lived. The one's who have well..what can I say..that's what I am.

Symbolically, a mother gives you a body, a place in the world of earthly things, a father gives
you a name and place in the earth of worldly things.

Anyway..I got no cards of sympathy, made no announcement, went to work like nothing happened. Gave my half-sister a will be nice to finally meet her.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Heart of the Matter

Went to Drawing Center. Into drawing now. Saw Alexis Rockman. He is my "other". Where as I saw art school as summer camp, he was a serious student and is now a serious professional. He asked me if I was still doing work and I shrugged off his question and tried to ask him if he was still playing basketball. That says it all.

Deitch Art Parade. Last weekend

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spencer Brownstone

Went out to Spencer Brownstone Gallery. Saw the Ian Burns exhibition. I was thinking, "It's so good to be back in NYC. This is the real deal contemporary art." It was so OUT THERE, but spot on. Loved it. Went out to Toad Hall afterward. Spent money drinking with a RISD '75 grad. He was alot of fun. I just ran into him at the bar. He is one of the rare lucky slobs who still have their SOHO loft at '70's prices. It's obscene what he pays. We drank and talked alot about the Talking Heads and the good ole days of RISD. Got drunk, walked around SOHO and found this GIANT plastic U that had been thrown out of a boutique..or at least I thought so. Some guys came out to ask me about it and I was so trashed --I gave such an "inspired" speech about how GOD sent me this"U"..that they decided to leave me alone.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

East Hampton last Sunday

Went to East Hampton last Sunday for the day. Took the bike, rode to the beach and Amagansett Village. Saw the US Open at Rowdy's/ had to leave before Federer clinched it.

Raymond Pettibone Tues 09/11

Went to the 9/11 opening of Raymond Pettibone at David Zwirner. Got there just as they had run out of beer. DAMMIT :) The show was an explosion of emotion and commentary on the current Zeitgeist. Alot of the usual "Bush Sucks /They are all death loving war profiteers.." I of course agree but what made it more interesting is the middle section where he did some drawings on the "counter culture" or --"over the counter" culture of pop music and film.
Alexis Rockman was there looking great and holding court with interested collectors and pretty girls. Went out to have squid and czech beer at a fancy Chelsea eatery. Saw Ethan Hawke.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September Song

The artworld reopens this week. I am looking forward especially to Deitch's Art Parade on Saturday at 4. Going to Roebling Hall, Pierogi 2000 and Caren Golden.