Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spencer Brownstone

Went out to Spencer Brownstone Gallery. Saw the Ian Burns exhibition. I was thinking, "It's so good to be back in NYC. This is the real deal contemporary art." It was so OUT THERE, but spot on. Loved it. Went out to Toad Hall afterward. Spent money drinking with a RISD '75 grad. He was alot of fun. I just ran into him at the bar. He is one of the rare lucky slobs who still have their SOHO loft at '70's prices. It's obscene what he pays. We drank and talked alot about the Talking Heads and the good ole days of RISD. Got drunk, walked around SOHO and found this GIANT plastic U that had been thrown out of a boutique..or at least I thought so. Some guys came out to ask me about it and I was so trashed --I gave such an "inspired" speech about how GOD sent me this"U"..that they decided to leave me alone.

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