Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Velocity Seminar email

All! In our session on Wednesday, we moved beyond our old clearing for results and created a new clearing - a clearing for breakthrough results. Thank you for your powerful participation and generous listening. There will be two !Recreation Calls! to review the distinctions of the session. If you missed the session, please be on one of these calls and get great value! This is a critical session. Friday, July 18 at 6 PM - TODAYSaturday, July 19 at 2 PM - TOMORROW The number for both calls is:(218) 862-6100Access Code: VVVV# (8888#) If you were at the seminar, you can be on a call if you wish to review the session.
You may also be on both calls if you like.
(NOTE the phone number for the calls is a long distance number.)
One of the key distinctions of the session is:
"A clearing for" is a space that pulls for something. "A clearing for" lives in your listening.
You can tell what clearing you are by looking at what you have. The clearing you currently are is pulling for survival, "in order to," and what you know from the past. What you already know gives you what you already have. What you already know won't give you breakthrough results.
Once you own and take responsibility for your clearing, you can create a new clearing.
"Being a clearing for" breakthrough results you are listening for, pulling for breakthrough results.
Our next session, we will design your project from a new possibility. You will create a project that requires a new "you"! You don't want to miss Session 3. I did not put the dates, times and call in number on the board at the end of the session as I said I would. If there are consequences for you, please tell me so I can be responsible for them. I will keep my promises to you in the future. Love,Linda(917) 650-9262

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