Tuesday, July 15, 2008

operation case clearance

My readings of Kierkegaard and Sartre have engendered an interest in the question of human freedom and action. Their distinction being-in itself ( the inert practical world of objects and conditions) and being-for itself ( the consciousness of the world of things that haunts solidity and reality)..my surpassing of the given arrangement of my world in my flight toward possibilities and outcomes sustained by my choosing and self will. What will become of me..? How will I behave..What shall I do..? The existence of Others and their concrete emotions toward me..hate, love, indifference...Chris Lee in NYC, a studio in LIC, a day job at a travel agy, alcohol, socializing, looking for a new woman, the NYC art world.
The quest for a NEW group dynamic. The old friends have fallen away, and or don't apply in the new paradigm design. The mood of "authenticity" impatience with withholding covert behaviour...

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