Monday, January 5, 2009

Positions Paper

I always had trouble determining a "major" in High School and College. I dropped out of RISD, still owing a paper on "Art and Human Values"..the late 80's thru Mid-90's was a flowering in my capacity for and appreciation of "critical discourse"..I consumed everything from Hubert Dreyfus, Ortega y Gassett, Sartre, WF Buckley Jr, C Wright Mills, Guy DeBord, Frantz Fanon, Eldridge Cleaver, Marx and so on.

I never saw myself in the camp of the Kara Walkers, Glennn Ligons, Bettye Saars, Bell Hooks, Dread Scotts..those "aint it awful" types cataloguing the victimization of African Americans..I love their work but I thought they had basically said it best and there was nothing I could add of any substance..

Basquiat and Kehinde Wiley's affirmation of black pop youth culture was also not my arena.

Martin Puryear and Leonardo Drew seem more interesting to me.

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