Friday, August 31, 2007


So the move was a success. My two cousins drove me up. I would have NEVER been able to drive that UHAUL trailer thru NYC traffic. Bushwick is not Williamsburg. It's another world. It's where the blacks and hispanics who can't handle the New-New York are penned up. There are still signs of the the ever-widening gentrification even out here.

I am PRO gentrification by the way. What's wrong with a "nicer" New York? I don't see the poor as quaint peasants in some Millet painting. They are by and large a pain the ass. Unruly, ugly, mean etc.

Anyway, the job is going well. The roommate travels alot but we seem to have bonded.

Willliamsburg is soooo crowded and YOUNG. I mean ten years ago I was in that age range too, but now I feel like a creepy middle aged guy. Tried Greenpoint bars, COCO66 is pretty cool but the simple truth is the Brooklyn thing is mostly a never-never land to delay ageing and extend adolescence as long as possible. That's why reminders of the real world like high-RENT freaks people out.

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