Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I like friends who are honest and on the level. I don't like people who withhold and talk about behind your back- what's best said face to face. I believe in positive confrontation. It's so much nicer to be genuine and get it out in the open, off your chest. It both amuses me and saddens me to think of how many two faced so called friends I've had.

And "stuck flows" really upset me. If someone sends you a communication..ACKNOWLEDGE and REPLY..even if to say, can't really talk now, let's speak later/

Communication is like a game of catch softball. I throw it you catch it. You throw then I catch it. If you follow this formula you will probably get along with almost everyone. The trouble comes in when you throw it TOO hard, too soft, throw curves, sinkers or just drop the ball and walk away.

If you are being yourself and honest, that gives the other person the space to be THEIR selves -open and honest

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