Thursday, May 15, 2008

Africans in America

The essence of the African situation in the Americas, especially the US, is that largely speaking in a country where the reigning idea is that people from distant lands come here to make a better life in a free country, this group is the only one that didn't come with that idea or under their own volition. They were brought to a continent in the service of the free will and imagination of the Other.

This frames the crux of the so called "negro problem", a vastly illiterate, primitive people is vulnerable to total domination by a militarily and technologically superior group. This is the dynamic of European Imperialist Expansion.

However, in this narrative, the oppressing force develops "morally" along with it's material development. Domination becomes more and more costly and untenable and the practice is incrementally abandoned.

This leaves the Negro "stranded" in a problematic situation. The country that is now his home appears both as residual oppression and land of promise. With no will or grip on modern global capitalism, the idea of returning to his "homeland" is unthought be cont'd

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