Monday, February 2, 2009

The Chelsea Manifesto- The Pure Gaze cont'd.

Matthew Marks was a classmate of mine at Dalton. I remember reading about him in New York Magazine back in like 1993 I think. I thought, gee, my buddy Matthew has a gallery how nice. I put together a book of snapshots of some drawings and paintings I had hobbled together and sent them to him. After a long while I called him because I didn't get a response. I got hold of one of his assistants and he sort of politely said "We don't show this kind of thing.." I mean I was really clueless. Later I ran into Matthew on Madison Avenue after a Tony Bennett opening and he invited me out to the Carlysle Hotel to hear Bobby Short. I got drunk and argued with one of Matthew's buddies, probably some famous artist now, about the Pop artists, then I got up and started banging on the piano in the bar..the maitre de politely asked me to stop. Matthew hasn't spoken to me since. Whenever he sees me he hides.
I once asked Cecily Brown if she was a painter.

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