Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reading "Das Kapital"

Reading "Das Kapital" for the first time, applying it to the art project.
Commodity: A commodity is an object produced by man, brought into being by labour power of some sort or other and satistying a human need or want. Art is like that as it satisfies the needs of fancy if not the stomach per se. An object also presented in the social product of "the market". The commodity isn't a given. Neither is the market, but both are social products.

Use value/Exchange value: The object of art must be something that "fits" into the market lest it be something destined for collapse into it's base materials..as such it is a matter of time before it winds up in the dumpster or cannibalised and recycled in the project of another "artist".

Money: Money is the third relation between the object, and the people involved in it's evaluation. It is the method of exchange which mediates it's "value".

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