Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dalton Schools Inc Cont'd- New York City

Excuse me if you will. What follows is an incredibly general subjective "Objective Overview of New York City in the first half of the Twentieth Century".
You see, the Brittish were the main empire by the 19th Century, and it was in London, Manchester , Liverpool etc that their Industrial Revolutionized Empire took shape. The Brittish model was the template. It was transferred to our Boston, Providence, New Haven, Joisee and the greatest most fabulous stuck up iron bitch of 'em all --"New Yawk"!! New York owes a tremendous debt to the English and London. By the turn of the Century in the era of the great mansions of Fifth Avenue and Oyster Bay, it was the W.A.S.P. who ruled the roost, this was "THE MAN". The Vanderbilts, Astors, Carnegie's, Rockefellers etc (yeah some Scottish and German thrown in) these were the cultures and individual egoes that formed the template for the New York experience to the masses who didn't even know it. Only one other group could challenge them..no- not the wops, not the spics, not the coloureds, not the micks..you know who I am tawkin' about...the Jews! The Ashkenaazi (sp?) Jews to be exact.
to be cont'd

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