Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dalton Schools Incorporated

"I was born a po' black child.." I really was. I was born in Harlem Hospital in January of 1962. I was the bastard love child of one Minnie Pearl Henry and her married er-hem "liason" Edgar Herbert Lee. My natural father had no plans of leaving his family so my mother, (black) women didn't think of abortions so easily back then, raised me alone. My mother was very pretty and I was considered a kind of cute little momma's boy. My mother was from rural Northern Florida and sent me periodically to live with my grandmother and family, in the rural south I became a TRUE PICKANINNY. I loved the woods, walked around barefoot- with sores on my legs and nappy hair.
I never regretted being a fatherless only child. I had no rivals and none of the hang ups that I saw in bad working class black families. I loved television and started drawing at 5 years old. By the time I was 10 I was more verbal and pleasant than the average "ghetto child". This inspired Walter Licht, a long haired draft dodger working the black public school system to suggest me for a private school scholarship. White people in New York were feeling mighty guilty about their wealth in contrast to the wretched misery of those above 96th street, so I was a good candidate. Collegiate was all boys and too expensive even for scholarship and New Lincoln was public school with a higher price. Dalton Schools was juuuust right.

To be cont'd.

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