Friday, December 28, 2007

The Broadway Diner Incident

The Broadway Diner is this converted "Diner" on Broadway and South 5th-ish. It's by far my favorite place in Williamsburg. The owners used to work at Balthazar and they brought a very Soho adult vibe to a place that was in need of some "chic".
In my return to NYC I am facing the fact that most of the old gang either hates me or has moved on in their lives, so I am no longer able to count on the old round of loft parties and or glamorous fetes to keep me occupied. I have fallen into this rut of going to any NYC bar with a jukebox full of boomer soul, rock and artrock hits- to fill my nights out.
This has become an unwelcome drain on my bank acct, so I tried to contract with myself not to go out for a couple of days.
I went to Williamsburg.."just to look around." Lo and behold I wind up at Diner, talking trash to anyone who will listen, running up a tab and paying for TWO dinners even though I only ate ONE!! I had to send one back because it had shrimp, which I am allergic to, in it.
For pennance, I swore I would stay home and draw tonite and tomorrow. I will post most recent pieces Monday...along with New Year Resolutions.


Kali said...

The illustration third from the top reminds me of a 50's sketch. It appears you are growing in different directions. Experiment and have fun! XO

christopherlee said...

Thanx Kali, I was just sitting down with pen and ink and watercolor paper leetting the images flow. The look is very cartoony and facile., but it's a start. As I get into it more I hope to explore more detailed and layered drawing. The "Nation" drawings are a forerunner to more mature themes.