Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Alexis Rockman, Brenda Zlamany, Damian Loeb

I saw Alexis' "Antarctica Show". He is a peculiar phenomenon in the scene. Most people sit in their Brooklyn or LES studio and imagine an image, Alexis is the "gentleman painter", not only does he have a story to tell about the journey in realizing the image but he has a story to tell about the ACTUAL excursion that inspired it. The large centrepiece is a delight for it's execution and beauty. It has a lot of little delightful surprises.

Brenda had a couple pieces in Frost and Reeds booth at Bridge. A beautiful portrait of Ike Ude and Lyle Ashton Harris plus a small Vietnam trip inspired landscape. Again masterful execution in a contemporary milieu of comic book art and cheeky irony.

Haven't seen much of Damien Loeb these days but thought I would give him a reference with these two.

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