Monday, April 14, 2008


went to Paul Campbell's show thurs at Roebling. Cheeky portraits of facebook profiles. nice flat warholishly superficial. saw felicity hogan and guillermo creus. friday nite went out with the woman who is doing the "curse" zine featuring my illustrations, we actually had a small group and went gallery hopping in the burg. which brought me to my biggest checks, I wound up paying $40 bucks for an entree and a's my fault I should have gone home sooner. SATURDAY. putzed around cleaned. went to LIC to see my new hood. I will love it. mature people sane development. then I went on automatic and trolled wmsburg AGAIN went to the Abbey, the Ale House. I'm stuck in the past. blew $ on booze and jukeboxes. went home early. Sun..softball in the burg, worked out. ran into frank marshal and dan bloomberg.

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