Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5/19 possibles-hards and easies

Went to Tri-State lumber. Bought panel of masonite that I had cut into two 4' x 4' panels. Jazzed about the possibility of REALLY painting..that's the real thing to paint and make objects that COULD be sold for big $. Drawings isn't the ticket alone. Excited about the possibility of really authentically pouring myself into studio practice. But now the savings are thinning and I have to think about going back to work. Doing what? Wish I could find an investor so I could buy about seven more panels and REALLY paint..I could use about five thousand dollars worth of capitalization..ha-ha.
But for what? What's the point?

The content is the next big question. Want to do the "ceci n'est pas une Basquiat" piece again. Want to do some serious oils..all of this means time and money.

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