Thursday, May 14, 2009

Process..program etc

I am gessoeing alot of newsprint..The New York Times to be exact..for some reason it HAS to be the New York Times..maybe it's symbolism as the STANDARD..of something..a class cache..trying to have alot of sheets prepared before I start a single drawing. That way I can REALLY get into the project, without stopping at my usual dilletante level.

Went to a lumber store on Quay Street in Greenpoint to buy some lumber strips. Two 3" by 1" by 10' and two 3" by 1" by 8'..only cost about 8 bucks. I want to experiment with making my own frames in that cockeyed Basquiat style..with the x and y axes overlapping like a cross. Yes I'm a gonna paint! The key thing is finding suitable surfaces. I will call them about masonite panels too.

Quality..I think about Leonardo Drew, Alexis Rockman, Brenda Zlamany, Damien Loeb..people I have met whose approach to quality in the work they do is exemplary to me..where I am on the other end of the spectrum in terms of transience and superficiality..I with I could have that unassailable integrity in my pieces.

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