Friday, July 3, 2009

Art and Such

When I was bussed to school in 2nd and 3rd Grade ( Crestview Fla) I got my first art "award"..I won first place for a tempera painting of a black dog, my black dog. A sherriff's son asked me to do a drawing for a fifty cent piece. My grandmother made me give it back.
By 4th grade I had discovered comic books. I was in love. I bought a ton of them before finally throwing them out after college.
I got a scholarship to Dalton in 1972, 5th grade, that was when I really began my studies of the "white man's world of art". Robert Lahotan was my first Dalton art teacher. He had us drawing these dull, dull, dull still lives and all that. I pretended to be allergic to charcoal. I think I really was kinda...

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