Thursday, July 2, 2009

Art as such..

When I was like, y'know 5 years old I started drawing on my mother's envelopes and any suitable drawing surface. I drew the Flintstones, Batman and Robin..those were my first subjects. Next was people. Black people, in the surrounding "ghetto". Eventually my mom recognized my interest and bought me a Grumbacher sketchbook. I don't have ANY of them. I was never good at saving things. She never took it seriously enuff to save anything either. I think white people "save" art more. They have a diff attitude about objects and property in general. There are no "museums" in African societies. My Jewish 4th grade teacher bought me my first set of oil pastels and gave me a couple of volumes of the encyclopaedia of art. That was my first real encounter with white art history, semi-nude white people in Rennaissance friezes. I was more interested in comic books. I loved Neal Adams.

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