Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dalton Schools Inc Cont'd- New York City

OK..the education itself..Dalton was a prep (aratory) school. It was meant to prepare you for University..(the better Universities, the REAL Universities, the UNIVERSAL Universities). Unfortunately I was a "bad" student. Some people go to school to learn AND be prepared. I was one of those people for whom High School was "expensive day care".. I regret. Now I can't get enuff of reading philosophy, rhetorical discussion, art, politics etc. Then I just couldn't wait until Saturday. Academics are just not that important in black society. Most of them will never use the word in a sentence in their lifetimes. It's not ALOT better in the white masses. I was talking to a policeman at the White House and he was commenting on how a kid from a major local university didn't even know what the White House was when he saw it.

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