Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Black Underclass

Repatriation or reparations. When you think about it, speaking in the most general of terms, African-Americans are the only ethnic group that came to this continent in-voluntarily. This is a critical distinction. They are the only group who's own imagination, hopes , will-power and drive was not a factor in bringing them here. This is an important distinction and it shows. The masses of African-Americans in this country are characterized by a lethargy and perplexing maladjustment to the demands and opportunities of the social-structure. Illiteracy, bad-english, immoderate behaviour seem almost institutionalized in the mass culture. So much so that an industry has grown around aestheticizing it called "hip-hop culture". In addition to that black comedians make millions satirizing their own people's excesses and failings. Outside of the rule of law and social contract nobody owes you anything. It really is the "war of all against all". The European imperialists came to your shores and co-opted you for their own benefit? So what? Who says they couldn't? There are no REAL checks on human aggression and violence outside the agreements men make amongst themselves. The next few generations in America will be a referendum on Black-American's need to FINALLY choose their own destiny. We will be years away from any existing objective oppression as a group and the only determining factor will be our own will and responsibility.

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