Tuesday, March 18, 2008

banality cont'd

according to the script I would continue working at the day job that I don't like and dabble in Sunday painting, until maybe I quit in disgust or got fired. Then I would look for another dead end job. The artwork in the studio will be mediocre arts and crafts stabs at derivative ideas, my roommate and I would have some petty falling out or the place would be hit by some catastrophe, like the building being sold, a fire, flood, robbery etc. Either way the "art" would go nowhere and I would wind up "starting all over again" like I always do. My friends would be the same old friends who say one thing to my face and another behind my back. They don't really speak honestly about the work because they (rightfully) see it as mediocre and never think of interacting with me authentically anyway. Haveing lost my "youthful good" looks I am now a potbellied old geezer who women don't think twice about so there is no real romance to speak of except me and cyber porn..yikes..
I don't know any successful men first hand, only thru their wives and girlfriends, ( I am never referred to available females by these people) but I occasionally bump into the former classmate or outright famous person who feigns polite interest but can't wait to get away.. this is the story of my life...not very interesting..kind of sad...my social is nothing to speak of..bar crawls playing the jukebox, pretending I am in the 70's, 80's and 90's again..gallery trolling, gladhanding "successful people"..

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