Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last coupla days

Thursday night I went out to Chelsea. Strolled into Lehmann Maupin and saw an Ashley Bickerton show. Highly recommend it. Paintings about a PoMo Gaughin redux. Saw Maureen Mahoney, she looked so hot. Maureen always looks great, tanned. I didn't say hello because I had forgotten her name at the time and it had been so long. I was also a bit embarrassed. I don't want to start talking to the big people in the artworld until I really get things going. Walked from Chelsea to Jakes Saloon, which I am really NOT supposed to do as I am trying to save money, along the way saw some chicks looking at this hot pink shag coat thrown out in an HM bag. I made a joke that they could wear it and come "work the streets" for me. They passed on the offer AND the coat, so of course I took the coat. I walked into this totally straight sports bar and people loved it.

Saturday-Walked thru Williamsburg, dropped into Pierogi, saw Joe Amrhein. He is always nice to me. It's awkward, I always ask what he is doing, I avoid talking about myself 'cause I aint doing much..yet. Walked down Bedford, saw Larry Walzak and also Christian Faun's wife Liz. Everybody was cordial if a little tense. Bought candy for my roommate's kids. Easter Candy.
Oh there was a cool "pillow fight" anti-war protest in Union Square.

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