Monday, March 10, 2008

more on that dream

http://w.youtuI was so obsessed with this girl..we had a one night (non stand) where we walked up thru the Brown University campus in a lite warm rain, she was so beautiful, I never forgot that night, but the next day she turned so cold to me..but I was hooked. It was sick, man.


hal jehlikakik said...

you still look like you, not specifically a comment on this section, more a comment on the photo, with the shades, hat, have a whole gordon parks deal going circa 1971, abe beame's unreconstructed ny, when ny was still ny, don;t walk signs still said don't walk, roaches were roaches (even as they made a fatal plunge from cupboard into the gas burner), paris the cat was bad tempered and clawed some kid in the face when he came 'round unannounced, adam clayton powell blvd was still adam clayton powell, your mom's couch still had a slip cover (not fun to sleep on, one's face would stick to it), throwing shurikans and smashing crap in "the junk room" and leaping from the top of a wardrobe, almost falling off your roof after having jumped across the last 10

christopherlee said...

Those were the days :)
"I'm still pretty." Muhammad Ali

christopherlee said...

I am a little disappointed that you don't have anything to say about any of the work itself David..your silences speak volumes..