Monday, March 10, 2008

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Maybe it was the garlic and onions in the spaghetti sauce, but woke up from the strangest dream last nite..a girl I knew in college, maybe my first love, maybe not, never consummated, she has easily forgotten me, there have been many more since her, the dream she had a baby, she and I were alone in my room for some reason, we rode the bus thru my old neighborhood in Harlem, she was a white girl from Ct who's something of a respected artist now, we talked about the detail in the architecture and stained glass in a building on 8th avenue and 110th, we talked about her ass and she showed me her vagina (hey it was a dream after all)I kissed her, deep, that was the best part of the dream..maybe it means nothing, maybe everything..maybe it was just the garlic. The Ides of March are's 5am..I should get some sleep, gotta be up in an hour.

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