Monday, May 7, 2007

Britishness ..YTJ #10 Clockwork Orange

in the mid to late 90's I lived in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. A big theme of that period was "Britishness". In Brooklyn or the artscene in general, there were alot of british artists that I met like Carl Fudge, Matthew Abbott, Cecily Brown, Gavin Brown (art dealer) etc. I really liked them. I also worked at Christies Auction House in their catalogue department and art transport. It was a great time. It was also the period of the "YBA's" which I will get to later.
"God save the queen, she aint no human bein'.."
Funny thing about the British. In History class you are taught that the Germans were the meanies. But who really DID conquer the world? Do you think they reached into African, American and Asian empire with good manners and charm? These were some of the most brutal people on earth.

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