Saturday, May 5, 2007


Photo of Werner ErhardI had dropped out of RISD in 1984, this was the time of Basquiat and Haring. I thought-" who needs all this academic wanking when I can go straight to the source?"... NYC in the heady 1980's. Just add a little chutzpah and you are SET!! I was coming off of the cliche college boy "HEJIRA"..look it up...and wanted to KNOW Socrates said..sort of.
I went into the Scientology Celebrity Center, after reading Dianetics but balked at the high fees.
Then thru a girlfriend found out about est which seemed like a much better "one off" deal (of course it was an illusion to see it that way). They seemed very THIS WORLDLY and practical. "Get your shit togethah, go for it..etc" The $425 was steep but cheaper than endless therapy or Scientology. I liked it. I was hooked. I was an esthole for the next few years. Thanx to some good journalism and finally the internet, I saw behind the curtain of the organization. Overall I found the courses to be valuable though. Anyone who cares to research what was going on in the Bay Area at that time will know that Erhard exploited alot of the better stuff.My zealotry in those years ,however- would bring upon me the wrath of the est-haters.

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