Sunday, May 6, 2007

Music...Leo Rising Pt I (YTJ #8)

I am 45 years old now. I have a pot belly and like to go to sleep at 10:30pm ..mostly. But anyone who has known me for a looong time knows I love to dance and I love music in general. I used to be sort of a "party monster!!!". I think most people from the modernized world identify mostly with the pop-music of their generation. You can appreciate different genres sure but your heart goes out to music that was played at the teenage, college age and dance clubs of your twenties and early thirties. When I was a black "pickaninny" in the late sixties and early seventies I was crazy about the Jackson Five and Michael Jackson. In astrological terms I am a Leo Rising. So I am very extroverted and attention loving. I love dervish types like Michael, James Brown,Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and so on.

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