Monday, May 7, 2007

Mugabe or Cecil Rhodes...? AFRICA

The self determinism on African nations (and african peoples throughout the western world due to the diaspora). Is one of the central issues of our lifetime. The politics of armed resistance to the colonial powers as in Zimbabwe and elsewhere is inevitable. Debt relief of course is also key because of the FACTUAL brutality of Colonial exploitation.
The problem I have with the Bono's and Bob Geldof's of the world is they seem to ask so little of African's THEMSELVES. The focus is OVERLY on western charity and guilt. At some point african nations are going to have to come to terms with Cecil Rhodes. Some sort of responsible and equitable debt MANAGEMENT to the west will be necessary. A HUUUGE continent. Immensely rich in resources needs the ESSENTIAL element of human enterprise, imagination, science and the will.

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